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Our staff are highly dedicated to provide you with a wholesome and healing experience.

holistic dentistWe are all very focused on natural body remedies and we endeavour to bring you the latest in holistic and biological dentistry.

Our main goal is to uplift your health and wellbeing and allow you to actually “feel” wellness and live life to the fullest.

We are constantly updating our knowledge by attending the world’s biggest holistic conferences all over the globe and being active members of holistic associations and academies.

Dr Karim Azmi BDS – Holistic dentist

Karim attends many courses around Australia and Europe to further expand his knowledge and technicality as a holistic dentist. He is well travelled and has been trained by world leaders and experts on different ways of natural bone augmentation, as well as bone grafting.

Karim is always updating his knowledge and looking for natural ways to aid the body to heal itself.

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Dr Noha Moustafa BDS – Holistic dentist

Following Noha’s work at the National Cancer Institute in Egypt, she understands the correlation between general and dental health. She Noha can physically see how treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy can have a determinable effect on dental health and general well being.

Noha’s goal as a holistic dentist is to help in preserving children’s health, trying to reduce the toxin build up in their pure and tiny bodies, giving them the foundation to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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Erin Forster – Practice coordinator

Erin has assisted Karim with almost every type of dental procedure, from basic composite fillings to complex surgical extractions and implant placements.

With Karim’s introduction of  zirconia implants to his repertoire, Erin has been able to assist him from the outset and  her knowledge of the product and the procedure is unmatched.

Erin’s role working alongside Karim is invaluable and ensures that we can offer our patients with an unparalleled dental experience.

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