State of the art technology in our practice

Why do we invest in the latest dental technology? Two reasons—patient comfort and brilliant outcomes. By staying up to date with the latest dental technology in our practice, we are able to work faster and achieve predictable results. This is much more convenient for patients as they spend less time in the dental surgery. If… Continue Reading

Role of ozone in minimally invasive dentistry

The use of ozone and minimally invasive dentistry is having some dramatic results in our practice. The concept of minimally invasive dentistry is to do as little possible in someone’s mouth but achieve outstanding results. It was not too long ago that dentists treated decay by removing as much of the decayed tooth structure as… Continue Reading

Using ozone for disinfection

Ozone water treatment has been used as a disinfectant for centuries and particularly pulls its weight as a cleaning treatment in the dental surgery. With its powerful disinfectant properties, ozone has been used as a water treatment since the 1800s. Back then, German towns and cities used ozone to treat water and decrease bacteria, viruses… Continue Reading

Ozone in oral surgery

There are several benefits of ozone treatment in oral surgery; it helps reduce infections and side effects and speeds up patient recovery and healing. Ozone treatment is an effective practice used in dentistry, particularly within oral surgery. Ozone, a naturally occurring gas in its raw state, can be used in different forms during surgery to… Continue Reading

Ozone in periodontal treatment

A natural antibiotic in periodontal treatment Periodontal disease is a major concern for dentists. It can lead to serious heart conditions and other more general health problems. Its cause is simple—inadequate care and maintenance of the gums—and it’s a lot more common than it should be. The build-up of bacteria between teeth can cause severe… Continue Reading

How ozone is incorporated in our dental surgery

Ozone Therapy is improving outcomes in dentistry in surprising ways. Ozone is a naturally occurring element that you mostly hear about in relation to the ozone layer, which protects the earth from harmful radiation from the sun. Scientists have been finding many other ways that ozone therapy can protect us. In recent years, ozone therapy… Continue Reading

Why ozone in dentistry?

Ozone is a new weapon in the fight against dental bacteria. The amazing disinfectant properties of ozone have changed the way we prepare cavities for fillings. Ozone dentistry is the way of the future. Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms bound together (O?). One of those atoms is highly active and wants to separate to… Continue Reading

Ceramic metal-free dental implants

Titanium implants are good, but ceramic dental implants are proving to be great. Dental implants have been around for a long time and we have come to a stage where we are very confident in their application. But with progression comes constant improvement, and the major improvement we’re seeing in the implant arena is in… Continue Reading