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Surgical tooth extractions can be a great challenge. We strongly value what nature created and appreciate that preserving your healthy tissues is our main priority, as well as yours.

At Ozone Dentistry we love the challenge that surgical extractions can bring. Dr Karim Azmi, our holistic dentist, has a wide experience in surgical tooth extractions. Having ozone at Karim’s fingertips means that he can utilize ozone in surgical sites to disinfect the area as well as enhance repair and regeneration.

Healing of soft and hard tissues at surgical sites is greatly aided with use of stem cells collected from your own blood on the day of the surgical procedure, using a technique called Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF). You can read more about PRF here.

Ozone provides your stem cells (which are immature undifferentiated cells present in all our body tissues) with the energy and oxygen needed to differentiate into specialised cells and start regeneration and repair.

Jaw infections

Karim has successfully treated many patients with residual jaw infections – thanks to ozone and Karim’s skills and knowledge. His thorough examination before the procedure and the time he spends to clear, curettage and ozonise the area all aid in getting rid of infections. This helps the body to start repairing and regenerating.

Karim works with homeopaths and naturopaths to help give you the ultimate experience and ensure that your body is ready for repair and healing.

Removal of teeth, impacted third molars

Karim enjoys removal of impacted third molars.

Surgical implant preparations, bone preservation and bone augmentation

Karim loves dealing with challenging implant cases where:

  • There is not enough bone.
  • The sinuses need to be lifted

Karim attended many courses around Australia and Europe to expand his knowledge and technicality in this field. He has travelled to Vienna and Barcelona and was trained by world leaders and experts on different ways of natural bone augmentation and bone grafting.

Karim is always updating his knowledge and looking for natural ways to aid the body to heal itself. His ultimate goal is to maximum preservation of your bone during a tooth extraction or when placing implants.

Bone preservation during tooth extractions is very important, as it provides a strong foundation for better healing and saves the trouble of bone augmentation later on should you decide to replace that tooth in the future.