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Your First Visit to Ozone Dentistry

When you arrive for your first visit at Ozone Dentistry, we want to develop a comprehensive understanding of your dental conditions and also how other health concerns may be impacted by dental conditions in your mouth as part of the mouth body connection. There will be no procedures performed at the first visit which will take approximately one hour for adults. The first visit will include:


  • an exploration of your medical history
  • comprehensive physical exploration of your oral health
  • images will be taken (photos, video and possibly x-rays)
  • discussion of your diet & overall health
  • discussion of potential problems or treatments that you may need
  • explanation of how we do things in a biological dental practice
  • discussion of the tooth organ correlation
  • an evaluation whether referrals to other practitioners are required to treat you holistically

Where necessary for further treatment, a more detailed assessment may be required which can be obtained by referral to Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) images.

At the end of the first visit, or soon thereafter, you will be provided with a written copy of all the necessary information including the dentist’s professional opinion, so you can make an informed decision regarding your ongoing oral health and any potential treatments.

Keeping you comfortable

We take all the time you need. Our patients come first, so we listen to keep you as comfortable as possible. We make use of aroma therapy, aesthetic surroundings and soft music to help alleviate tension and allow you to unwind.

The Benefits of Ozone

Ozone is used in liquid, gas and oil form throughout the procedures at Ozone Dentistry. You can read more about the use of Ozone in Dentistry and Medicine.

Oral Hygiene

Typically you may be required to book an appointment with our hygienist where you will experience firsthand the initial benefits of ozone, oral chemistry analysis and periodontal assessment as part of our comprehensive processes, prior to further oral treatments.

Your Safety

When you attend at Ozone Dentistry, you will experience a way of thinking that puts your overall health first with regards to choice of materials, equipment and processes. This means you will not be subject to mercury accidentally leaching or being absorbed back into your system during treatment or any other toxic treatments, to the best of our knowledge and ability, using the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART).

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, with critical safety procedures and protocols in place which cannot be overemphasised and include:

Insurance and Financing

Ozone Dentistry works with almost all insurance companies and has an on-site HICAPS machine. In-house payment plans are also available to help keep your care affordable. For more information see the enclosed brochure or click on the logo below