Dr Noha Zaghloul Moustafa BDS

I have great compassion and I believe that giving more is the key to a happy and peaceful  life. We decided to open Ozone Dentistry to provide our patients with the dental service that they deserve… a safer and more biological approach to life.

Dr Noha Moustafa


Noha Moustafa graduated from dental school in 2004. Her particular interest was to help people in need and that’s when she got the opportunity to work in the National Cancer Institute in Egypt.

Everyday she felt the great pleasure of offering her best to patients affected by head and neck tumors, as well as medically compromised patients.

This opportunity allowed her to understand more about the correlation between general and dental health. It has also allowed her to physically see how treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy can have a determinable effect on dental health and general well being.

Noha has great compassion and believes that giving more is the key to a happy and peaceful  life

Noha then worked as a resident at her university where she gained a lot of experience in restorative dentistry. She also had the opportunity to teach dental officers and follow up their work which she enjoyed very much.

She relocated with her husband Karim to Australia in 2008 and in July 2010, she became a qualified dentist in Australia. She then had a son, Adam. Noha loved taking care of Adam and watching him grow, just as all mums do. It was the best yet most tiresome experience. She was then blessed with her lovely daughter Lyla in 2013.

Taking care of the kids made Noha value the holistic way of living

Noha’s main goal as a mum was to try and decrease the amount of toxins that her kids inevitably acquire from our modern world. Her holistic interest expanded to:

  • Include more natural means of practicing dentistry
  • Looking at a patient as a whole
  • Highlighting the strong link between general and dental health

Noha’s beliefs were matched with even stronger beliefs from her husband Karim, so they decided to expand their knowledge and become a part of the International Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Toxicology (IAOMT). This is the largest dental holistic organisation in the United States. Attending their annual conference in Austin in 2014 greatly expanded their knowledge in safe mercury removal protocols, as well as learning more about Ozone and its unique use in dentistry and in the medical profession.

Noha and Karim had the wonderful opportunity to meet world icons

They met Dr Frank Shallenberger and learnt from him personally about ozone. They also met Dr Jerry Tennant who is the master in energy meridians and has invented his own biomodulator.

That visit to the United States was so exciting that Noha and Karim decided to open up their own dental surgery, “Ozone Dentistry”,  to provide patients with the dental service they deserve… A safer and more biological approach to life.

Noha has great interest in working with kids.Her goal is to help in preserving children’s health and try to reduce the toxin build up in their pure and tiny bodies, giving them the foundation to enjoy a happy and healthy life!

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