Dr Louisa Sturgeon BDS

Although Dr Louisa joined our practice since the beginning of 2017, it feels as if she has been with us forever. Her wonderful, loving and caring personality together with her desire to be a part of the healing process of our patients makes us a great team.

Louisa has been interested in natural therapies since she was 12 . Her passion grew during her time in dental school and when she started to realise the impact of toxic load on her own health. She takes particular interest in helping women become more healthy by reducing their toxic load before pregnancy. 

Louisa has great experience in general dentistry.  Her deep love for the environment and her continuous urge to research natural and healing therapies has brought her to us. She is now an integral member of our team and we are very proud to be working with her to deliver the best service to our patients. All our team  shares the same biological approach to dentistry and we all work similarly to deliver our mission of statement.

Louisa loves swimming in the ocean and enjoys meditation , music and movement. She loves cooking healthy and delicious recipes. Her utmost passion is researching nutritional and natural therapies and trying them on herself before sharing their benefit with others.