Treatment for Gum and Jaw bone (periodontal) disease

At Ozone Dentistry, we are passionate about gum and jaw bone health. We understand the strong link between dental and general health and offer special treatment options to help aid in the reversal of Periodontal disease and THE regaining of your HEALTH and vitality.

Strong link between gum, periodontal health and general health

For years, the strong connection between health of our periodontium (gum and jaw bone) and  the rest of our body has been established. Studies have shown that diseased gums can lead to:

  • Diabetes.
  • Respiratory conditions.
  • Heart conditions and more.

Once the gum conditions are properly addressed and treated, any condition in the rest of the body shows marked signs of improvement . Even if you are otherwise fit and healthy, removing foci of infections and bacteria from your mouth will definitely make you feel better, more energetic and more healthy.

Understanding periodontal disease (also known as gum and jaw bone disease)

What is plaque?

  • Plaque is the name given to the biofilm that forms over teeth.
  • Plaque build-up starts soon after brushing.
  • It’s density increases over time as more populations of bacteria invade, nourish and divide.
  • The bacteria builds up and allows more harmful acidogenic (acid forming anaerobic Oxygen haters) bacteria to flourish.

When plaque is not removed

  • If the plaque is not brushed/flossed off regularly, the acid and bacteria lead to swelling and inflammation of the gums.
  • This causes the gums to bleed easily and are quite red.

The onset of periodontal disease begins

  1. The disease may extend to the surrounding structures that hold the tooth in place – the bone, ligaments and surface of the root.
  2. This leads to pocket formation around the tooth.
  3. This leads to more food entrapment between the teeth, resulting in bacteria growing in areas which are difficult to clean.
  4. The tooth loses more support from its anchoring structures.

This process can ultimately lead to tooth loss. In fact the number one cause of tooth loss is gum and surrounding structure disease.

The way we approach gum disease is quite unique

  • We don’t just rely on mechanical methods of removing bacteria.
  • We go further down to the cellular biological level.
  • We achieve this by using ozone.

Ozone is a great antiseptic

  • Ozone is an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral.
  • No organism can develop resistance to Ozone because it is basically a supercharged Oxygen.
  • Ozone is formed of three oxygen atoms instead of two like oxygen. This makes it highly unstable and once it comes in contact with any tissue or cell, it disintegrates and immediately releases this extra oxygen atom.
  • The extra oxygen atom oxidises all cells that don’t have any antioxidants on their surface – microbes and diseased human cells leading to their death.
  • Normal cells are unaffected as they have antioxidants on their surface to neutralize any oxidants.
  • Ozone not only kills microbes but it enhances the way mitochondria (tiny energy factories inside our cells) take up and consume oxygen, making them work better to release more energy needed for healing.
  • Ozone enhances the circulation in the area, resulting in faster and better healing as the area becomes more oxygenated.
  • Although ozone disintegrates upon tissue contact, its action remains for weeks as the extra oxygen atom reacts with our tissues to form ozonides.
  • Ozonides enhance healing for weeks after the ozone treatment by stimulating stem cells and blast cells to start curing and regeneration.

The treatment process

  1. First we rinse your mouth with our ozonated water to reduce bacterial and microbial cell count.
  2. We then remove bacterial and calcium deposits mechanically while having ozonated water as a continuous irrigant. This has a dual action of removing deposits on a gross scale as well as on a biological level .
  3. Following gross removal of all deposits, we look at particular areas of concern where there are pockets.
  4. We irrigate those areas with ozonated water and use special techniques to eliminate bacteria located under the gums.
  5. We also offer local treatment with ozone gas from our special dental ozone gas generator, focusing ozone on areas of concern.
  6. The healing begins immediately.

The beauty with ozone gas is that it immediately diffuses to infiltrate and reach deep down pockets, eliminating the bacteria which is the cause of the disease.

The benefits of our treatment process

  • In many cases where there are deep pockets, surgery can be avoided  as the ozone can infiltrate the deep pockets and sterilize the area.
  • It shortens healing time. The ozone treatment forms ozonides in the tissues and continues the healing process for weeks,  enhancing repair and stimulating regeneration.
  • It shortens the time in our treatment room, as we have two things working at the same time – mechanical and biological eradication of the cause.
  • More comfort to you. Ozone is used to eliminate sensitivity and can offer relief from sensitivity during a scale and clean.

Once periodontal disease is treated

  • Any condition in the rest of the body shows marked signs of improvement.
  • Even if you are otherwise fit and healthy, removing infections and bacteria from your mouth will make you feel even better, more energetic and healthier.

Dental and General health definitely go hand in hand!

We use cutting edge equipment to treat difficult cases of gum conditions


  • This is advantageous to patients with deep pockets which are
    catchment areas for food and bacteria.
  • This magnificent piece of equipment allows us to reach very small hidden areas, cleaning with maximum efficiency.
  • The result is a pronounced reduction of pocket depth.

The NV Microlaser

  • This is our state of the art micro soft tissue laser.
  • It can be used to curettage soft tissue and remove diseased, infected, inflamed or dead tissue within the gum pockets.
  • In many cases of advanced periodontal disease , it might eliminate the need for surgery.
  • It creates minimal pain and bleeding.

These advantages complement our treatment and ensure that we:

  • Control the disease process.
  • Eliminate all the damage caused by periodontal disease.
  • Allow for regeneration of new healthy tissue.

Maintenance program

Just as we regularly service our cars to maintain their efficiency, we should regularly maintain our teeth.

Regular  dental cleans with our ozone and special equipment will result in a stabilised periodontal attachment. We can then work together to prevent recurrence of periodontal disease.

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