Laser dentistry

We work hard to provide you with the latest in holistic and cosmetic dentistry

By using Laser in our dentistry we:

  • Ensure that your body is treated with utmost care.
  • Help your body heal faster.
  • Help you experience the least pain possible.
  • Achieve the look that you want.
  • Avoid surgeries where possible to allow the body to heal and repair itself.

Our state of the art NV Microlaser

This can be used to provide you with a beautiful gum line as well as helping to lengthen teeth.

A healthy gum with thin scalloped contour contributes significantly to your smile.

We offer the following laser treatment options

Gum Contouring

In the past, gingival contouring was only achieved by surgery. Imagine the amount of discomfort and healing time associated with that procedure!

We can now offer the following with no bleeding and minimal recovery time:

  • Removal of excess gum tissues.
  • Reshaping of thick gums.
  • Treatment of gummy smiles.
  • Sculpting the gum line.

Gum disease treatment

The typical progression of gum disease:

  • At the onset, your gums become swollen and loose.
  • They lose their close adaptation to your teeth.
  • Pocket like gaps are formed between your teeth.These pockets provide an ideal home for bacteria as well as become areas of food entrapment inviting more and more bacteria to the area. This all leads to progression of the gum disease and deepening of the pockets as well as loss of bone in the area.

Eventually, if left untreated, the teeth become loose and mobile. In fact the number one cause of teeth loss is gum disease (also referred to as periodontal disease).

Laser debridement

This treatment can help to:

  • Sterilize the pockets.
  • Remove diseased inflamed tissue.
  • Reduce bacterial colonies.

Together with ozone treatment, it will aid in reverting the disease process and allow your body to heal itself and regenerate healthy tissue.

Laser gingivectomy

In certain conditions, gums can grow excessively and provide traps for bacteria and food. With the use of laser, removal of this excess tissue can be achieved with no bleeding. This is because the laser cauterizes the area providing a bloodless field.

Laser therapy can also be used to:

  • Aid in the healing of aphthous ulcers.
  • The removal of tumor growths.
  • Many other conditions.

The use of laser dentistry has many advantages

  • Laser requires minimal local anesthetic.
  • Laser provides a bloodless field as it cauterizes the area.
  • It reduces treatment time.
  • It reduces chances of post operative infection as it reduces the bacterial load.
  • It greatly reduces post operative pain.
  • It enhances healing so the recovery time is massively reduced.

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