What we offer

We are always working very hard to provide you with the latest in biological, safe and holistic dental care.

Holistic dental care

At Ozone Dentistry, we are always working very hard to provide you with the latest in biological and safe dentistry. We are continuously updating our knowledge by attending international conferences on the latest in biological and holistic dentistry held all over the globe. We also strive to bring you the latest in technology and equipment to help us deliver the most to you in the safest and most efficient way possible.

We are a metal free practice

At Ozone Dentistry, we understand that every body is different, each one of us reacts differently to various materials. We also understand that different metals can react with each other in our moist oral environment producing unwanted and harmful galvanic reactions. For this reason, we have chosen to be a metal free practice. If you are concerned about the biocompatibility of different materials with your body, we can offer you biocompatibility tests which can test hundreds of different dental materials.

Our focus on holistic dental care

Our utmost focus is the strong connection between oral and general health. Our main goal is to see your general health improve as we address any dental concerns that you might be experiencing. We are here every step of the way on your journey to enjoy a better dental and general health and that is why we treat dental disease and infection on a biological not just a mechanical level.

Our use of Ozone is invaluable in every procedure that we execute. This ensures that we are doing our best to clear any type of infection with zero chance of developing resistant strains.

Electromagnetic radiation safety at Ozone Dentistry

Being very technical also means an overexposure to harmful Electromagnetic radiation. We are very aware of the effects of Electromagnetic radiation on our bodies, that’s why our building is fitted with a Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation Harmoniser to neutralise and clear EMR so that you can enjoy what technology has to offer without its harmful side effects.


Holistic dental and periodontal treatment

Having a healthy foundation is the key to the success of any building.

This saying could not be  more accurate when it comes to our gum and jaw bones (also called periodontium). It makes no sense trying to fix teeth and make them look beautiful without treating their underlying substructure.

Read more on our unique way in periodontal treatment and our approach towards cosmetic dentistry.

Mercury safety is a golden standard in our holistic dental practice

  • We are very aware of mercury toxicity.
  • As biological dentists, our prime concern is to safely remove mercury .
  • We have a wide range of the latest equipment to ensure that the air you breath in our dental environment is safe.
  • We understand that removing mercury fillings in an unsafe manner could expose your body to dangerous levels of mercury.

Read more on our safe mercury removal protocol.

We offer you the following unique holistic dental care services

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