Ozotop (ozone generator)

Ozotop – our chair side therapeutic ozone generator

This magnificent piece of equipment generates ozone gas by exposing filtered air to a high electrical voltage, much like the way ozone is produced in nature through lightening. Air is drawn into the device through a special pump. This air is transferred to a filter that purifies and dehydrates it. The air is then drawn into a chamber where an electrical discharge field is used to simulate lightening splitting Oxygen and causing the Oxygen atoms to temporarily recombine into groups of three thereby producing ozone.

We use ozone in almost every aspect in dentistry. Ozone’s antiseptic properties makes it a wonderful tool to disinfect extraction sites, implant perpetration sites and areas of infection.

Ozone is basically “exercise in a bottle“. Not only does it provide your cells with oxygen, it also enhances the way your cells utilize oxygen. This promotes self healing and regeneration.

We use chair side ozone gas in many ways

  • Relieving teeth sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Periodontal treatment.
  • Used to disinfect treatment areas whether it’s after an extraction or after preparation of an area to receive an implant.
  • To disinfect teeth:
    • After removal of decay.
    • Before placement of fillings.
  • To disinfect infection sites – prompting healing and regeneration.
  • Used as a basis for minimal invasive dentistry, whereby teeth are prepared minimally to receive fillings. By applying ozone gas to your tooth, we can greatly reduce the bacterial cell count and allow for maximum tooth structure preservation, this also greatly reduces post operative sensitivity.
  • To treat children.

Our Ozotop ozone generator is very successful in treating children

Often fillings can be done without an anaesthetic.

Ozone gives us the opportunity to maximally preserve tooth structure.

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