Ozone In Our Practice


“Biological dentistry is a thought process, an attitude, and a guide for making choices in the dental practice.” IAOMT.

.Being biological dentists means that we believe that your teeth are an integral part of your body and therefore your overall health.

.We recognise that your dental health can have a major influence on other disease processes in your body, its just the way that the whole body is connected.

.For that reason, as biological dentists, our approach is to go down to the cellular biological level, meaning that we work on biologically getting rid of the bacteria (not just mechanically) as well as uplifting your cellular energy and ability to combat disease and reinforce health.

.We work with your body to allow it to heal itself by eliminating the source of infection and then giving your body cells what it needs to start repair and regeneration.

.As biological dentists, we give your cells Oxygen the basic ingredient for life through Ozone.

 Ozone is basically an “exercise in a bottle” , a “supercharged” Oxygen

Ozone ensures more efficient utilisation of Oxygen by each cell it comes in contact with, thus enhancing healing, decreasing inflammation, pain and swelling in the treated area. Its use is invaluable in each and every aspect of dentistry.

In our clinical setting, ozone is generated by an ozone generator. At Ozone Dentistry, our Ozone units work by drawing air into the device through a special pump. This air is transferred to a filter that purifies and dehydrates it. The filtered clean dry air is then exposed to a high electrical voltage, ozone is thus produced and is then either applied directly as a gas or mixed with water to purify it and provide us with a bacteria free water source.

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Ozonated water in our practice and our dental lines

All OUR pipelines have been renovated to connect to a central disinfection system. This is located at the back of our practice. This provides continuous dissolved ozone solution for absolute water disinfection to our sterilization room and our dental operatives. It also ensures optimum infection control as well as preventing biofilm and scale formation.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a complex dynamically interactive multicellular community of microorganisms, which is protected by a heterogeneous matrix. It builds up inside common dental lines.

The ultimate prevention of infections is to completely eradicate the reservoir source of biofilm formation. Ozone’s oxidation capabilities and its unique antimicrobial qualities is used in our surgery for water disinfection. It is the best approach against biofilm build up in our dental lines.

So not only does ozone provide us with premium water quality, its use in all our dental lines ensures that the water coming out from our dental chair also has a therapeutic effect. This ensures better and faster healing.

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