Biological Dentistry

“Biological dentistry is a thought process, an attitude, and a guide for making choices in the dental practice.” IAOMT.

Being biological dentists means that we believe that your teeth are an integral part of your body and therefore your overall health.

We recognise that your dental health can have a major influence on other disease processes in your body, as the whole body is connected.

For that reason, as biological dentists, our approach is to go down to the cellular biological level, meaning that we work on biologically getting rid of the bacteria (not just mechanically) as well as uplifting your cellular energy and ability to combat disease and reinforce health.

We work with your body to allow it to heal itself by eliminating the source of infection and then providing your body cells what it needs to start repair and regeneration.

Holistic Dentistry for Better Health

At Ozone Dentistry, all our dentists and hygienist believe in a holistic approach to dentistry. We believe that overall health and wellbeing are influenced by oral health. We also believe in the reverse, which is that overall health influences oral health. This is the oral cavity and body connection.

The mouth is not an organ independent from the rest of the body. As the World Oral Health Report clearly states, the relationship between oral health and general health is proven, with emerging new evidence continuing to further strengthen the link.

We are a metal free practice

At Ozone Dentistry, we understand that every body is different, each one of us reacts differently to various materials. We also understand that different metals can react with each other in our moist oral environment producing unwanted and harmful galvanic reactions. For this reason, we have chosen to be a metal free practice. If you are concerned about the biocompatibility of different materials with your body, we can offer you

biocompatibility tests which can test hundreds of different dental materials.

Mouth. Body. Health.

We should not miss the point that the mouth is the pathway by which nutrition enters our gut and the rest of our body. The mouth is the beginning of the digestive process.

  • Loss of teeth can have a negative impact on nutrition and overall health.
  • Bacteria from the mouth can cause infection in other parts of the body when the immune system has been compromised by disease or medical treatments.
  • Systemic conditions and their treatment are known to impact oral health.

Dental Health Assessment. Overall Health Assessment.

We address your mouth and body as a whole and this is the reason why a thorough assessment of your overall health is carried out as part of a dental health assessment which together inform the development of your specific dental treatment plan to ensure you are able to achieve optimal dental and overall health.