Our periodontal and oral soft tissue regain of dental health equipment

At Ozone Dentistry, our special NV micro laser and our XO Odontogain scaler allow us to help you revive your oral health and allow your body to heal itself without the need of surgery.

NV Microlaser – our soft tissue solution

NV Microlaser is the world’s first cordless soft tissue laser. With its wireless and extremely light design, it allows the team at Ozone Dentistry to deliver the latest in laser technology with maximum comfort and convenience to you.

With this piece of dental health equipment, we can contour your gums and give you the natural beauty that you have always wanted – with no surgery and minimal discomfort.

We use the NV Microlaser in treating gum and periodontal disease to remove diseased, inflamed and infected soft tissue with minimal bleeding. This eases recovery and speeds up your dental health.

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XO ODONTOGAIN – our state of the art scaler and cleaner

An ultrasonic scaler is used in all dental surgeries around Australia for giving patients a fast and efficient removal of gross tartar and plaque.  As always, we keep searching for the latest in dental health equipment that will be the least invasive and at the same time provide unparalleled results.

Every scaler has tips which move in a certain way in high frequency to shatter and thus remove tartar. Conventional scalers usually have a one dimensional back and forth or elliptical movement. Both of these movements result in:

  • Hammering of the tip against the tooth.
  • Damage to the surface of the tooth.
  • Discomfort for the patient.
  • Sometimes prolonged teeth sensitivity after the clean is done.

In contrast, the XO ODONTOGAIN ultrasonic scaler has the following advantages:

  • It uses a unique oscillation which guarantees the lowest amplitude of the tip.
  • There is less discomfort to the patient.
  • It can get to vulnerable areas (under the gums and in periodontal pockets).
  • The tips are made of titanium.
  • They are much gentler on the teeth surfaces.
  • It is specifically aimed at treating periodontal disease.
  • It provides an alternative to having surgery in cases of advanced periodontal and gum disease.

It is scientifically proven that debridement under the gums with XO ODONTOGAIN results in healing and repair of the periodontal tissue. The same treatment protocol used in dental maintenance care will result in a stabilised gum and bone condition with no food entrapment areas or periodontal pockets.

Complementing the use of this very fine piece of dental health equipment, with irrigation with ozonated water, optimises our treatment and maximises our treatment success. It also gives you the great advantage of avoiding surgery while obtaining the same results.

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