Our ozone disinfection system

Our plumbing has been refurbished to allow all our water in the treatment rooms and sterilisation area to be ozonated.

We have a central disinfection system located in the sterilization area that feeds the rest of our building. This is an onsite ozone generator that will dissolve ozone in water.

Ozone will eradicate all existing microorganisms and biofilm without leaving any residue

No resistance can ever be developed against ozone as ozone is basically oxygen.

Our central ozone disinfection system offers the following advantages:

  • High purity ozone production for safety and assured disinfection applications.
  • Built in ozone destruct unit for off gas safety and compliance.
  • No nitrous oxide production – so no health hazards.
  • No alteration to water characteristics and no change to water ph.
  • Kills microorganisms and eliminates biofilm.
  • No by products.
  • Meets American OSHA gas safety standards.
  • Environmentally friendly – its operation is free of toxic by-products.

How our ozone disinfection system works

  • Dissolved ozone in water allows us to disinfect benchtops, floors and other surfaces without the need of chemicals.
  • Ozone is a very strong antiseptic that acts on all kinds of microorganisms.
  • Upon contact with any surface, it disintegrates leaving no residues and the only by-product is Oxygen.
  • Ozone in our pipe and dental lines massively decreases bacterial load and eliminates biofilm.

This gives us the highest quality of water for your treatment. There is no opportunity for cross infection by the water coming from our dental unit.

Compact Disinfection Unit (CDU)

We also have a Compact Disinfection Unit (CDU) in our main treatment room. This delivers an even higher therapeutic concentration of ozone to water. We use this to fill our water bottle in our dental unit. This means that while your dental treatment is taking place, bacteria is being eliminated and your oral health improves.

We use this water as an irrigant to disinfect areas where there is infection. It is often used in minor oral surgeries and implant placement to completely sterilise the area and minimize chances of post operative infections.

This process aids in a fast and less painful recovery. It also maximises success of our procedures.

The CDU offers us many advantages:

  • It provides high purity ozone with no unacceptable by-products or residues.
  • It is safe for everyone from all aspects.
  • It is effective even against drug resistant bacteria.

We use it for many applications including:

  • Hand washing.
  • Surface disinfection.
  • Instrument pre wash, used before autoclaving and sterilization.
  • Bacteria free water source:
    • To wash wounds.
    • For infection control.
  • Prophylaxis and scaling.
  • Treatment area irrigation:
    • Applying highly ozonated water using a syringe.
    • Effectively sterilises the area to maximise healing.
    • Reducing post operative pain and infection.
  • Minimising the use of chemicals as ozone outperforms chemical disinfection.

There have been documented reports of adverse reactions due to residual chemicals after sanitation. But with ozone there are no residues – the only by-product is oxygen.

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