Diagnostic, Cerec & safe amalgam removal equipment

What nature created is not something that we want to replace. It is something that we do our best to preserve. Karim Azmi

CEREC milling machine

  • One visit crowns.
  • No temporaries.
  • No wait.

With the latest in CAD CAM technology, we can now offer you:

  • A precise ceramic crown while you wait.
  • A relaxing environment in only one visit.
  • No need to take extra time off work.
  • No longer deal with a temporary crown while a permanent is being made.

 The experience is actually very entertaining. Karim Azmi

  1. We use a special intra oral camera to capture what we call a ” digital impression of your prepared tooth”.
  2. The computer processes this information and your tooth is replicated on the computer screen.
  3. We design the crown/filling and customize it to your tooth.
  4. We send this information to our in-house milling machine.
  5. Your crown/filling is sculptured from a very high quality and strength ceramic block.

The procedure takes only 15 minutes and you can watch your crown being made. You will be fascinated to see how far technology has come!

Digital videography and digital sensors

Occasionally, we may need to take digital radiographs of your teeth. Some of the reasons we do this is to:

  • Evaluate conditions.
  • Understand the extent of infections.
  • Identify areas of decay.

What we don’t want is the extra radiation. Thankfully, the advances in dental technology has allowed us to minimise radiation while taking control over the quality of our images.

Digital radiography means that we can manipulate radiographs allowing us to pick up any problems or anything that might be developing a lot earlier. Our digital radiographic equipment are the latest in the market and expose you to much less radiation than older versions.

Intra Oral camera

This magnificent digital camera allows us to take photos of your teeth, so that you can actually see any dental problems that you may be experiencing.

It also allows us to take pictures of the work that we have done, so that you can keep progress of what has been done to help you.

This process allows you to make informed decisions about your dental health and any treatment that may be required.

SOPROLIFE – our imaging fluorescence device

This is our newest piece of dental health equipment! It’s a high tech camera that can detect decay at its earliest stages. We use this in conjunction with our Ozotop (our ozone generator) as a guide towards our minimally invasive dentistry philosophy.

Our process

  1. We often take an image at the beginning of the procedure to see how advanced the tooth decay is.
  2. After minimal drilling, we treat the area with ozone gas to kill microorganisms and eliminate infection.
  3. A second image with our fluorescence imaging device is taken to confirm that the tooth has been thoroughly disinfected. If bacteria is still there, it  will fluoresce in the image taken.
  4. We then proceed with placement of the filling.
  5. This leads to maximum conservation of the tooth structure.
  6. Sensitivity is decreased as:
  • Less of the tooth structure has been removed.
  • The source of infection has been eliminated.

By embracing the latest in dental technology, we can give you peace of mind that you are being treated with utmost care. What nature created is not something that we want to replace. It is something that we do our best to preserve.

Our safe amalgam removal equipment

We follow a very safe protocol when it comes to safely removing mercury. Most of the equipment that we use is from the United States. Our special suction machine which purifies our air is unmatched and ensures that the air in the surgery is free of mercury vapours.

We also provide our patients with an oxygen mask. This helps you to breathe pure oxygen during the mercury removal procedure. The masks that we put on to protect our staff are also very unique and are especially ordered from the United States.

We are one of the few practices in Western Australia to have an amalgam separator

Our amalgam separator is fitted to our suction system. This separates all the amalgam pieces to prevent them from going into the general waste and polluting our environment. We safely dispose of this as a biological hazard.

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