“You can expect your first visit with us to be a holistic dentistry experience.”

Your first visit to Ozone Dentistry

Welcoming you to our practice

You will be warmly welcomed by our friendly staff. We will offer you a drink while you wait in our relaxing reception area and enjoy a moment of tranquility watching our mesmerising imagery on our screen and listening to our soft music. We have a range of herbal remedies that can relax your body and soul, we will be very pleased to offer you that. We also rely on aroma therapy to relieve any tension and allow you to unwind. We will ask you to complete a medical and dental history questionnaire on our iPad as we are trying to be as paperless as possible.

Our first meeting with you

You will then be welcomed by our lovely dentist Karim and our practice coordinator Erin.

  • Karim will take a thorough history asking you direct and indirect questions related to your symptoms.
  • He will then carry out a very thorough clinical exam.
  • All observations are charted and recorded on our system.
  • He will take photos to help him explain all his findings to you to help you make an informed decision of what you want to do.
  • He may need to take a few radiographs to give him a better idea of the condition.
  • He will then talk to you about your treatment options explaining everything in detail and answering all your questions.

The session usually takes between 60 – 90 minutes. Our primary concern is your general well being which works hand in hand with your dental health.

Ozone safety

Our ozone equipment meets the Approved International safety and American NSF Standards. The equipment also has complete compliance with U.S. EPA/ OSHA standards.

No nitrogen oxide or other toxic by-products are released – only oxygen upon disintegration of the ozone into its basic components.

Everything is toxic if taken in excessive amounts – even water. We do appreciate that and will only offer ozone in the right dosage specific to every procedure.

Ozone is basically a supercharged oxygen. It is produced naturally in our bodies by our immune system cells to fight microorganisms and infections.

We have been trained to use ozone and we only use it in the right dosage which is specific for every procedure.

Karim is an active member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. He is constantly up to date with the latest in research and travels to the United States regularly to continuously develop and update his knowledge with like minded practitioners.

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